Set For the Sky – Fire Fire

If you don’t already listen to Set For the Sky then let’s fix that right now. They have uploaded their song Fire Fire to Youtube and I think everyone should hear it \m/


Now You See Me – Non Compos Mentis

Now You See Me made this song, Non Compos Mentis. And let me tell you it is pretty sweet. Not only musically but I personally haven’t found many songs that so accurately describe the feeling of a lot of youths that are outcast and suicidal. These lyrics spoke to me, this band is a hit, no question. Take some time and listen and read the lyrics. The screams and cleans are great, instruments are on point, lyrics are amazing. Way to go, guys!

Illusions – Origins (EP) (2013)

Artist: Illusions

Released: 2013

Country: USA

Genre: Post-Hardcore / Metalcore

Quality: 320 kbs

Download: Download

Contact/Support: Facebook

I’m so sad this band broke up! So much potential..


1. Hieroglyphics

2. Cowards (ft. Lou Micelli)

3. Empty Rooms and Crowded Hallways

4. Sometimes (Ft. Shawn Christmas)

5. Grave Robbers

Hollow Like Me – Lost At Sea (EP) (2013)

Artist: Hollow Like Me

Released: 2013

Genre: Post-Hardcore / Electronic

Quality: 320 kbs

Download: Download

Contact/Support: Facebook

So heavy it feels weird calling it post-hardcore lol. Amazing EP all around though, a must listen indeed<3

1. You Need To Know
2. Lost At Sea
3. Time Heals All Things
4. Corrupted Lives
5. The Ballad of a Broken Home

Core To The Core – Compilation Vol.2 (2014)

Released: 2014

Genre: Post-Hardcore, Metalcore, Progressive Metalcore / Deathcore, Electronic, Pop-punk, Groove, Deathcore, Djent, Ambient, Hardcore

Quality: 320 kbs

Download: Download

Contact/Support: Facebook

New Years Compilation!! Enjoy!

1. The Fires Of Heaven – Frontline
2. The War of 1812 – The All Seeing
3. The Armstrong Limit – Nerevarine
4. Solaris – Amalgamation
5. Last In Line – It Was Aliens
6. Theravada – Full Swing Ft. Phil Nageon de Lestang
7. Main-de-Gloire – In The Darkness
8. The Words We Use – Absence
9. Legacy At Dawn – The Vendetta
10. The Animal In Me – Smoke & Mirrors
11. Hide & Dream – All I Know
12. Divided By I – Life’s Labyrinth
13. Taking Fox Hollow – Tomb Raider
14. Avolation – An Intricate Balance
15. Uncharted Waters – Sirens Ft. Mark Poida of I, Valiance
16. A Scent Like Wolves – My Heart On Ice
17. A Moment To Capture – Back To Reality
18. Coronado – Decay: The Absolute