Lines – In This World (EP)


Artist: Lines
Album: In This World
Genre: Melodic Hardcore
Release: September 27, 2015
Country: Germany
Download: Bandcamp
Contact/Support: Facebook

– Track Listing –
1 ) Liquid
2 ) T.O.W.L.A.T.T.
3 ) Stay
4 ) Disbelief

German melodic hardcore band, Lines, released this EP last year, with a music video for their track, Disbelief. They sound awesome and are currently working on another album so now’s a good time to start being a fan!

Watch Disbelief here:
Disbelief Music Video


A World Extinct – Out of the Ashes

Out of the Ashes

Artist: A World Extinct
Album: Out of the Ashes
Genre: Metalcore
Release: July 14, 2015
Country: USA

– Track Listing –
1) Day Breaks Night
2) Shipwrecked
3) Those Who Came Before

Ever Aura – Upon Us

Band: Ever Aura
Song: Upon Us
Album: Upon Us (EP) (Release TBA)
Genre: Metalcore
Country: USA
Contact/Support: Facebook | YouTube

The solo metalcore project Ever Aura is a perfect display of sheer talent. All on dude, Chris Leonard shows off his great musical talent in the song Upon Us. Not much to say other than WOW! I really enjoyed this song and I personally am looking forward to  much more amazing work from Ever Aura in the future.

Acaedia – Dawning EP


Band: Acaedia
Album: Dawning (EP)
Genre: Djent, Metalcore
Release: March 10, 2015
Country: USA
Download: Bandcamp
Contact/Support: Facebook | Twitter

Acaedia quickly became one of my all time favorite bands with the release of this album. They are a hardcore djent metalcore band with a thesaurus. This is one band that deserves to be huge. Vocalist Ray Jimenez has some serious talent, as does everyone else in the band. You won’t regret looking into them.

-Track Listing-
1) Egoist
2) Truthseeker
3) Abandoned
4) Evade
5) Perfidious
6) Fragments
7) Rotten

Note To Self – Agony Complete

agony complete

Band: Note to Self
Album: Agony Complete
Genre: Post Hardcore/Metalcore
Release: 2015
Country: USA
Download: Google Play | iTunes | Spotify
Contact/Support: Facebook | Twitter

Note To Self made me fall in love with the first track on their EP; A Loaded Tongue. This band has some amazing lyrics and a great sound to them. Too heavy to be standard Post Hardcore and really kick ass music.

– Track Listing-
1) A Loaded Tongue
2) Akrasia
3) Port Dr
4) “We All Go a Little Mad Sometimes.”
5) Agony Complete

Listen to them and check out the lyrics on YouTube.

Set Before Us – Voyagers (EP)

Voyagers EP

Artist: Set Before Us
Album: Voyagers (EP)Release: November 16, 2014
Country: Sweden
Download: Bandcamp Google Play
Contact/Support: Facebook Tumblr

The Stockholm band, Set Before Us, has managed to put together one hell of an EP. I gotta say, these four tracks leave me wanting a lot more from these guys.

-Track Listings-

1) Barriers
2) Lighthouses
3) Wildfire
4) Meadows