Between Life and Death – State of Mind

Between Life and Death is a self-produced one man deathcore/metalcore project trying to create and play a different and unique style of the genre, with some pretty great results. Definitely worthy of your time!

Acaedia – Dawning EP


Band: Acaedia
Album: Dawning (EP)
Genre: Djent, Metalcore
Release: March 10, 2015
Country: USA
Download: Bandcamp
Contact/Support: Facebook | Twitter

Acaedia quickly became one of my all time favorite bands with the release of this album. They are a hardcore djent metalcore band with a thesaurus. This is one band that deserves to be huge. Vocalist Ray Jimenez has some serious talent, as does everyone else in the band. You won’t regret looking into them.

-Track Listing-
1) Egoist
2) Truthseeker
3) Abandoned
4) Evade
5) Perfidious
6) Fragments
7) Rotten

Hollow Like Me – Lost At Sea (EP) (2013)

Artist: Hollow Like Me

Released: 2013

Genre: Post-Hardcore / Electronic

Quality: 320 kbs

Download: Download

Contact/Support: Facebook

So heavy it feels weird calling it post-hardcore lol. Amazing EP all around though, a must listen indeed<3

1. You Need To Know
2. Lost At Sea
3. Time Heals All Things
4. Corrupted Lives
5. The Ballad of a Broken Home