Craigh – Of Dreams & Wishes (Free till the end of August)


As a thanks for all the support of their fans, the Swiss metal band, Craigh is offering their album Of Dreams & Wishes for free on Band Camp until the end of August. Go check it out, and if you like it, get it 🙂

Download and Listen Here!


Craigh – Of Dreams & Wishes


Artist: Craigh
Release: April 1, 2015
Country: Switzerland
Genre: Alternative Metal
Download: Bandcamp
Contact/Support: Facebook, Twitter

-Track List-
1) Origin
2) Deathless Wings
3) Ronny B. Johnson
4) Again and Again
5) The Hearts Drive
6) Hate to Love You
7) Every End
8) The Light Inside
9) Going Commando
10) Unity
11) Destroy to Create
12) Shattered
13) Desire Remains

Craigh – Of Dreams and Wishes: