Core To The Core – Compilation Vol.1 (2013)

Core To The Core Compilation Vol.1

Released: 2013

Genre: Post-Hardcore, Metalcore, Progressive Metalcore / Deathcore, Electronic, Pop-punk, Groove, Deathcore, Djent, Ambient, Hardcore

Country’s: USA(MA,NY,NC,VA), Belarus, Russia, Canada, Italy

Quality: 320 kbs

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A diverse compilation designed to keep you coming back for more. 😉

Across Silent Hearts Facebook
In Waves Facebook
Pandora’s Wake Facebook
Trace Your Steps Facebook
Rise On Everest Facebook
Sessions Facebook
Turn The Tide Facebook
The Sorrow Of Werther Facebook
Skyviews Facebook
Reveries Facebook

1. Across Silent Hearts – Above The Sky
2. In Waves – I Never Walk A Very Easy Street (I​.​N. W​.​A​.​V​.​E​.​S)
3. Pandora’s Wake – New Life
4. Trace Your Steps -No Complaints
5. Rise On Everest – Valentine’s Day
6. Sessions – Aversion
7. Turn The Tide – Hour 51
8. The Sorrow Of Werther – The World From The Outside
9. Skyviews – The Sky Tells A Story
10. Reveries – So This Storm Has Passed


Across Silent Hearts – On Your Side (2013)

Artist: Across Silent Hearts

Released: 2013

Genre: Progressive Metalcore / Post-Hardcore

Country: Belarus

Quality: 320 kbs

Download: Download

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1. Above The Sky
2. Hit & Crash
3. The Secret (They Called Me Mozart, But I Fucked It Up)
4. Startrack
5. Flat #53 Song
6. Requiem
7. Disappointment
8. On Your Side
9. Unanswered Call
10. Welcome Home