Adam Majernik – Throne (BMTH Cover)

Adam Majernik has some great vocal talent which he illustrates excellently in his cover of the song Throne by Bring Me the Horizon. This cover is insanely good, and so is Adam’s band, Check out both 🙂 \m/

Throne Cover: Misconception Music Video:


Set Before Us – Voyagers (EP)

Voyagers EP

Artist: Set Before Us
Album: Voyagers (EP)Release: November 16, 2014
Country: Sweden
Download: Bandcamp Google Play
Contact/Support: Facebook Tumblr

The Stockholm band, Set Before Us, has managed to put together one hell of an EP. I gotta say, these four tracks leave me wanting a lot more from these guys.

-Track Listings-

1) Barriers
2) Lighthouses
3) Wildfire
4) Meadows

I Climbed The Great Wall – Self Titled (EP) (2014)

Artist: I Climbed The Great Wall

Released: 2014

Country: Russia

Genre: Post-Hardcore/Metalcore

Quality: MP3 320 kbs

Download: VK

Contact/Support: Facebook


1. Tigers Don’t Look Back
2. Timeless
3. Spirits Of The Past
4. Right Place

Anomalies – Resurgence (EP) (2014)

Artist: Anomalies

Released: 2014

Country: USA

Genre: Progressive Metalcore

Quality: M4A (Itunes)

Download: VK

Contact/Support: Facebook


1. Resurgence
2. Harbinger
3. Gateway Effect
4. Proof of Existence
5. Hollow Artifact
6. Serendipity