Now You See Me – Non Compos Mentis

Now You See Me made this song, Non Compos Mentis. And let me tell you it is pretty sweet. Not only musically but I personally haven’t found many songs that so accurately describe the feeling of a lot of youths that are outcast and suicidal. These lyrics spoke to me, this band is a hit, no question. Take some time and listen and read the lyrics. The screams and cleans are great, instruments are on point, lyrics are amazing. Way to go, guys!


A World Extinct – Out of the Ashes

Out of the Ashes

Artist: A World Extinct
Album: Out of the Ashes
Genre: Metalcore
Release: July 14, 2015
Country: USA

– Track Listing –
1) Day Breaks Night
2) Shipwrecked
3) Those Who Came Before

Between Life and Death – State of Mind

Between Life and Death is a self-produced one man deathcore/metalcore project trying to create and play a different and unique style of the genre, with some pretty great results. Definitely worthy of your time!